Lulu He

It is my pleasure to recommend my former colleague, Imelda Yang, to you. I have known Miss Yang for more than two years. We had worked together in USA Department of Shanghai CIIC Education International Co., Ltd. since the beginning of 2008. In our Department, Imelda was the Executive Manager and I was the senior consultant. We cooperated with each other very well. Every time we consulted our clients, Imelda always showed the professional education knowledge and good consultation skills. Her logical analysis ability always helped clients to make a perfect application plan. Imeldas serious attitude and professional quality showed in each application case.Because of her strong education background in UC Berkeley, Imelda is very familiar with the whole application process and she is very good at proofreading the essays and personal statement. She knows what kind of potential students the universities want and need.Volume of business in USA Department has been expanded since Imelda joined us.

During 2008 to 2009, Imelda helped a lot of our clients to be admitted by top 30 universities of USA. For example, with the help of Imelda, Miss Wu got the full scholarship from Pepperdine University which is ranked top 54 overall. Moreover, because of Imeldas excellent job on essay, personal statement and exact analysis, Mr. Zhang got the offer from Cornell University which gave him $24000 scholarship per year and Cambridge University also gave Mr. Zhang offer. As to her personality, I would like to say Miss Imelda Yang is an outgoing girl with good communication skills that is easy to get along with. She enjoys good relations with many friends in and out of her job. It is very happy to work with Imelda. And she often brought us the surprise. I hope she can bring you more surprise.

Elizabeth Hussey

Imelda was an excellent colleague and I would recommend working with her without hesitation. When I first joined our old company, she was my go to whenever I had questions - her answers were consistently insightful and her manner patient. Having consulted students together with her, I can assure that she displays these same characteristics when providing advice on school choice, essay writing and interviews.

Imelda was meticulous in thinking through every aspect of a candidate s application and ensuring no oversights were made - her success rate in securing placements for students at excellent universities speaks volumes in this area. Most importantly, she always displayed a true commitment to discovering a student s passions and matching these with their school choices.

Jialu Zhang

Ms Yang was my assistant director during my whole application process in 2008. Her high working efficiency and organization really impressed me and helped me a lot. Her work was highly organized, clear and convenient for me to follow through. In my memory, she was really hard working and sometimes was even more eager than I was. With care and concern for her clients, she spared some of her private time for me whenever I need to consult her. Furthermore, and most importantly, her insightful perspective of US universities allowed her to provide professional analysis suggestions. During the discussion process, she helped me find out my strength and the universities (and the majors) most suitable for my interest and my future development.I learned during the entire process that she is very devoted toward education and the success of her clients. I wish the best for her and may she be able to help out more students!

Haiying Wang

As a past client of Ms. Imelda Yang, I was deeply impressed with her enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor in my whole application process. I have known her for 3 years since I started applying to business schools in the US. She was my consultant and she supported me to achieve the final success to enter my dream school. Ms. Yang is an expert of the industry.
She is very familiar with the programs, the schools and the locations. She was able to provide me with constructive advices concerning my study needs. She did a great job to do the school research and help me plan the application schedule. Within the highly demanding situation, she was able to organize the resources effectively and completed every application with favorable results within the timeline. One significant thing was that she was able to edit and revise my essays to make sure they were competitive enough and met the top schools’ requirement.
She also provided interview trainings which I believe established the essential skills for me to win the opportunity. She is also a good listener, with patient and considerate attitude. She listened to my story and opinion carefully so that she could understand my background and needs. Ms. Yang demonstrated strong leadership ability to inspire people. She built my confidence to challenge myself and encourage me to aim higher target. With her support, I finally received 5 offers from some of the best business schools in the US. I believe this is a great accomplishment of her hard work. In general, I had a very pleasant experience of working with Ms. Yang. I feel confident that she will continue to succeed in her future career; and her clients will benefit greatly from her experience and high standard service.

Evelyn Wu Ying

Dear Mel,

 I am writing to thank you for the guidance you provided when I applied for a master s degree in top business schools in 2009. Actually, I did not only learn what the standard procedure to be successfully admitted in a top B school from you, but also how to be a truly qualified “survivor” among the fiercely-competitive applications.

I appreciate all your kind support during the one year process. You helped me pick the right programs, set a suitable list of target schools, and most importantly, find my unique backgrounds and qualifications to tackle the rigorous application process.

I will always regard those days working with you on my applications as part of the most valuable experiences I have ever had.

Thanks and best regards,

Marks Jing Xu

I am happy to write down this note for appreciating Ms Imelda Yang s assistance during my application to US colleges last year. Her professional skills and passionate attitude impressed me deeply. I remember when I first came to see her and consulted about application process to US colleges, she was so kind and patient. She explained to me every step and detail how to successfully apply to my ideal college. She first and foremost asked about my interests before recommending an appropriate and personal college list for me. When I was anxious and wanted to know about my admission status, she was pleased to help me correspond with the schools almost every day and gave me the timely news from them. The results finally proved that our efforts were successful. I was so excited and I could feel she was very happy for me too. In short, she introduced and analyzed each school to me and assisted me to choose the best fitting school for me. I was touched a lot. Now I am enjoying my college life in the US. Her support and care do give me a big confidence and inspire me to keep going. Best of luck for her!

Zhang Min

I am writing this piece of experience with gratitude for the assistance I received from Ms. Imelda Yang during my graduate program applicationI met Ms. Yang at a very early stage of the application process, around the beginning of May 2008, when I had limited knowledge of the different schools that offered the graduate programs of my interest. She provided detailed information of the admission requirements as well as the valuable suggestions on suitable programs. Additionally she allowed my autonomy of the school selection, respected my decisions and shared materials with me, which is crucial, I think, for any fruitful consultation.

My application plan was really ambitious, including more than 18 programs in various schools and covering 3 distinct academic fields. This intensive task seemed formidable without Ms. Yang s supportive guidance from school searching, contacting, timing, and, more important, essay editing. Just listing two: the professional school report- highlighting diverse requirements of different programs; and the critical essay revision- more than 6 times, were most helpful.

Thanks to Ms. Yang s efforts, I received offers from some of the most prestigious programs in the world, such as at: Cornell University (with $24,000 scholarship), UC Davis, UC San Diego, Universityof Chicago among others. I am sure that I could only achieve less without Ms. Yang s support and I would again turn to her if reapplying some day in the future.

Raynaldo Kurnioseputro

Saya masuk Statement Consulting pada pertengahan 2011 untuk kursus bahasa Inggris. saya mengambil kursus ini untuk memenuhi persyaratan studi S2 saya di sydney. Sebelumnya saya merasa kurang baik dalam mencapai nilai IELTS yang diinginkan. Namun setelah kursus dan mengambil tes IELTS, ternyata nilai saya memenuhi persyaratan berkat bimbingan dari guru inggris di STATEMENT.

Selama saya kursus, saya diajari oleh guru native dan guru lokal yang sama baiknya dan berkualitas. Keduanya sangat ramah dan memiliki peran yang besar dalam penerimaan S2 saya. Bahkan guru native saya mengajak saya les di rumahnya dan mengajari saya tentang kehidupan dan budaya Sydney.

Thank you STATEMENT for making me a better person, in term of english language. Yeeehaaa...!!

Remy ManziKevis

I cannot imagine a future without having met Imelda Yang on the way. I grew up in Rwanda where few dreams came true. I connected with Statement Consulting in 2010 when I was in high school and it did not even occur to me that I could go to American college, but Imelda s assistance paved the way for my miraculous outcome.

She always told me to dream big and that was exactly what she did when she applied to some of the best colleges in the States (none below top 50!!). I had to work hard preparing for TOEFL and SAT, and with my circumstances, I was not sure I could even get admissible scores. Nevertheless, Imelda believed in my past, present and future that she convinced me that AT LEAST one top college in US would accept me. She helped with my essays, my resume and trained me for school interviews. I had no idea what to do had there not be Imelda by my side.

My first attempt failed but I did not give up. God has a beautiful plan in his hand for me and this year, I am proud to say that I am a full-scholarship student to the University of Pennsylvania (one of the Ivy Leagues)!!! I am forever grateful to Imelda and Statement Consulting. Her immaculate service would definitely help any students who have a big dream like mine. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Jennifer Abigail

Thank You For Editing My Essay!!!

Statement punya nice concept dalam essay editing service mereka. Saya sebagai customer ga cuma bayar dan terima jadi tapi diajak untuk berpikir bersama. Dengan begini, isi essay saya gaasal-asalan tapi sesuai dengan keadaan sebenarnya dan kompetitif untuk masuk keuniversitas top di US. Selain itu, pihak Statement juga kasih questions buat menuntun saya step by step dalam membuat essay, and that is very helpful so I will not be lost. Kemudian, essay di check n di revise berkali-kali hingga isi essay meyakinkan. Service dari Statement is very good and I am satisfied. Thanks a lot Statement!!

Yohana Natalia Simanjaya

Pada awalnya saya tidak bisa mendapatkan nilai test Toefl sesuai dengan kriteria yg diminta oleh APU (Asia Pacific University). Namun setelah saya mendaftarkan diri untuk masuk ke kelas intensif Toefl di Statement, saya semakin yakin untuk mencapai target saya. Dan dengan bantuan guru yang sangat profesional, saya bisa mendapatkan hasil Toefl sesuai harapan saya.

Selain itu saya juga memilih service Statement untuk pengurusan sekolah saya di Jepang seperti pendaftaran, essay editing, latihan interview dan lainnya. Karena saya yakin servicenya pasti memuaskan dan harganya sangat reasonable. Terbukti sekarang saya sudah diterima di APU (Asia Pacific University) dan dengan bantuan Statement saya juga mendapat beasiswa berupa tuition reduction 80%.

Terima kasih Statement.

Miss W. D.

I would like to thank Imelda for the success of my application last year. I am impressed how I have benefited in critical analysis sessions with her regarding to "choosing school" and "brainstorming and structuring application". Her knowledge of schools is insightful and customized to my need. I appreciate it when she provided candid evaluation of pros and cons catering to my preference and my actual situation, such as location, culture and school strength and tradition. She took a good control of timeline during the process. While the whole application package is complicated and sometimes exhausting, she set a clear target with me and approach to the goal steadily by steps. With her experience in USA, she provided me with an objective and different perspectives from me as a foreigner. And I found it impressive and inspiring that she was able to help me dig deep into my experience. In one word, the support she provided is amazing and incredible!