About Us

STATEMENT is a foreign education consulting agency focusing on helping students prepare the best materials to apply to top academic institutions, especially in the US, and has had experiences sending students to top institutions in the UK, Australia and other countries. STATEMENT helps students to showcase ther best essay materials among others (resume, interview performance, reccomendation letters, etc), to be granted admission by the most prestigious schools in the world.

To be the best education partner for students in reaching their dream admissions.

To provide caring and knowledgeable consulting service for students wanting to study abroad; to provide thorough information and assistance in preparing application materials; to provide supplemental (up-to-date) information regarding lifestyle and career opportunities in the destination countries.

What We Do

How Can We Help

STATEMENT helps students to showcase their best essay materials among others to be granted admission by the most prestigious schools in the world.

Why Should You Prefer Us

STATEMENT is motored by a highly experienced top US college graduate (UC Berkeley) who has led an entire US department at a well respected education company in Shanghai, China and has had many cases sending students to some of the most reputable schools in the US and other countries.

Additional Services

  1. Editing and Translation services for any written documents (academic and professional).
  2. Visa application service for tourism, study and business.
  3. Training interview for academics and professional purposes.

Language Courses

We provide foreign language training in:

1. Chinese course (Basic-Advanced, Academic, Business, HSK)

2. English course (Basic-Advanced, Academic, Business, SAT, TOEFL/IELTS)

3. French course (Basic-Advanced, Academic, Business)

4. German course (Basic)

5. Dutch course (Basic-Advanced, Academic, Business)

6. Japanese course (Basic-Advanced, Academic, Business)


Notes: more language options will be offered soon

With experienced local and native speakers as our facilitators, we guarantee your success in learning international languages. Contact us for more information